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Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, Small Hole EDM

Northeast EDM, a job shop with NADCAP approval, does electrical discharge machining (EDM) exclusively. To maintain their competitiveness, Northeast continually invests in the latest machines on the market. This attitude was most recently expressed in the acquisition of the Charmilles 550/w GAMMA TEC, a conventional EDM machine that can polish. It is one of only a handful that is in the United States. The company also has the philosophy of acquiring a specific machine, if needed, to handle a customer’s job.

We offer our expertise in: Wire EDM, Conventional EDM, Small Hole EDM.

Charmilles Gamma Tec
Charmilles 550 will give you a RMS finish of 4.9 with a
copper electrode and a 12 with a graphite electrode...
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EDM Machining
Wire EDM
Honey comb parts that Northeast does on an annual basis, both conventionally and wire, with a tolerance ...
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