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EDM Machining

Small hole machine in operationSmall Hole EDM
Doing ID holes can be a bear. Getting as good an ID hole as you do an OD hole, perfectly round, can also be a bear. If the ID hole is blind, it is even worse. Northeast EDM has solved all of this with the creation of its ID hole popper that can work in material from 6 to 36 in diameter.


Small hole machine

A small hole operation on a part that has 1448 .020 holes thru .050

Conventional EDM
There are over 10,000 .020 raised posts on this 10 inch long , 2.5 inch diameter tube for the cryogenic industry. It was critical, that there be no line showing where the pattern began and ended
Cryogenic Tubing
Wire EDM
One of the thousands of honey comb parts that Northeast does on an annual basis, both conventionally and wire, with a tolerance of +/- .001.
Honeycomb parts