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Charmilles Gamma Tec 

The Charmilles 550w/GAMMA TEC CNC is the normal conventional EDM machine that everyone is used to, but with the capabilities of polishing. The Charmilles 550 will give you a RMS finish of 4.9 with a copper electrode and a 12 with a graphite electrode. Gamma Tec 550 Charmilles MVC-105S

This is half of an aluminum mold and the electrode that was used in Northeastís Charmilles 550 Gamma Tech to get the customerís required 12-16 finish. This machine has the capabilities to give you a perfect mirror finish, and will make hand polishing a thing of the past.

Aluminum Mold






This is another example
of an aluminum mold.

Achieves extremely high quality surface finishes, down to CH 6/Ra 0.2Ķm
Provides significant time savings through reduction or elimination of hand polishing of parts
Maintains high geometrical respect of shapes and details
Increases number of parts per electrode due to 30% reduction in electrode wear
GammaTEC and standard EDM achievable on the same machine
Aluminum Mold-half